The Roundup! Adjustments, Crying and Motorbike Yoga

yoga basics link roundup

This week’s Yoga Basics Link Roundup is filled with thought-provoking issues facing the modern yogi. Some are quite thorny, such as whether yoga teachers should offer hands-on adjustments to yoga students during class. Others, like “Should you practice yoga on a motorbike?” are more clear cut. The good news is that we learn that practicing mindfulness meditation will help us make all these decisions wisely.

• Permission to Touch: The Complicated Matter of Hands-On Adjustments – This extensive article is focuses on the trending idea of using “consent cards” or other non-verbal student-to-teacher communication, but tackles the entire adjustment debate with thoroughness and depth.

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• 7 Reasons Why Adjustments Rock My World – While some of these reasons are clearly debatable (e.g. “Adjustments keep you safe”), others like “Adjustments introduce a deeper level of asana,” are spot on.

• Meet Jaysea DeVoe, One of the Youngest Yoga Teachers in the United States – “Not everyone is on board with these young instructors. Glenn Black, 65, a respected yogi from Rhinebeck, N.Y., is concerned about possible injuries. ‘I can’t believe that a 12-year-old would have an in-depth  understanding to tell if her students actually can move a joint safely or not,’ he said. ‘It takes years of experience to gain that kind of insight.’”

• Twelve Minutes of Mindfulness Can Help You Avoid Bad Decisions – “In one experiment, the research team took 114 university undergrads about to walk into the campus cafeteria one-third of them took a 12-minute mindfulness course. Before they sat down to eat, two groups viewed images of healthy and unhealthy foods, but in one group researchers we told to ‘simply observe all their responses’ and notice ‘how they arise, and possibly dissipate, as passing mental states.’ ”

• Why So Many Women Are Crying at the Gym – For Asie Mohtarez, a Brooklyn makeup artist, it began in hot yoga. The music was on, the floor was warm, the instructor was standing over her encouraging her to let go. “I was in child’s pose and I just lost it,” she says.

• Motorbike Yoga: Man Pulls Yoga Poses on Speeding Bike – While this is a blatant and awe inspiring feat, we just love how happy it makes this man!

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