The Roundup! Alo Lawsuit, Meditation, and Teaching Amidst Change

yoga link roundup

With all this Alo Yoga drama afoot, we’re happy to see more and more studies revealing the benefits of meditation. It’s not just for yoga studios anymore! So feel free to indulge in a little drama with this month’s yoga link roundup–we’re not judging–then learn how to keep teaching when your own life gets dramatic.

Beloved Instagram yogis Dana Falsetti and Kino MacGregor fight back against Alo Yoga lawsuit–Last summer, body positive yoga influencer Dana Falsetti began to speak out against companies like Alo Yoga that almost exclusively use lithe white women in their advertising. Falsetti received overwhelming support from fans and fellow yogis, including Kino MacGregor. But now, Alo Yoga is suing.

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Survivor’s Guide to Teaching Yoga When Life Throws You a Curveball–Our circumstances are constantly changing — that’s the beauty of life. But how should we handle teaching yoga when we’re in a slump? Jason Crandell gives four practical tips to help you go with the flow.

When the Yoga Honeymoon is Over: Keeping the Spark in Practice and Teaching–At some point, our relationship with yoga can plateau, leaving us feeling less than inspired. This article offers three helpful questions to help you self-assess, reframe, and find a way forward.

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Study: Meditation Improves Anxiety and Cardiovascular Health–Much of the current literature on the benefits of meditation is focused on long-term practice. However, researchers in this study found that after just 60 minutes of meditation, participants had lowered heart rates and reduced feelings of anxiety. Every little bit helps!

Philly school’s new ‘calming room’ offers yoga mats, drawing, and a ‘brain break’–Tilden Middle School in Southwest Pennsylvania is trying something new to help students deal with the stress of schoolwork. Their new “calming room” is painted a soothing blue and has mats for yoga and pre-loaded iPods for self-guided meditation.

5 successful business leaders that have used meditation to improve productivity, creativity, and business acumen — Have you ever wondered about how C-suite executives handle their high-stress positions? As it turns out, the same way we handle ours. In this article, read about five top leaders who choose to meditate daily to boost their work performance.

Yoga speed dating is now a thing and this is where you can try it–This isn’t the speed dating you’re used to. Yoga speed dating classes combine partner yoga movements with music and mingling, and they’re sweeping the UK! Would you try it?

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