The Roundup! Busyness Addiction and Pairing Tea with Yoga

yoga link roundup

This month’s roundup of yoga-related articles offers a diverse mix of great tips and essential yoga news. In this list, you will find out how to beat busyness addiction and why relaxation is both crucial and beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. We also cover sad news of an important yoga icon passing and a still unresolved decades-old yoga guru scandal.

Why and How to Pair Tea and Yoga—Yogis are known for choosing tea over yoga, but for the newbie, the amount of tea drinking the choices can be overwhelming. Check out this interesting article on how tea can enhance a yoga practice and how to match up different types of tea based on the type of yoga or meditation that you practice.

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Recognizing Busyness Addiction and What to Do About It—Have you been busy for so long that you can’t remember what non-busy life is like? If you feel fear or resistance to slowing down, you are not alone. Check out this article to learn more about what busyness addiction is and ten tips on how to recover and come back to balance.

10 Incredible Things That Happen to Your Body When You Relax—In this busy world, we often forget how good it feels to relax and how beneficial it is to create daily opportunities for relaxation. Let this article remind you of all of the amazing goodness relaxation can bring to your life!

Maty Ezraty, Whose Yoga Methods Have Had Global Reach, Dies at 55—Yoga icon and co-founder of YogaWorks franchise of yoga studios Maty Ezraty has left her body. According to her partner, Chuck Miller, she died unexpectedly on July 9 while teaching in Tokyo. She began teaching yoga in 1985 and founded YogaWorks in 1987 with Alan Finger. In 2004 she and Miller sold YogaWorks and moved to Hawaii, but she continued to instruct yoga and teach workshops around the world.
“Keep in mind that, when you practice yoga, you’re not practicing to improve yourself. You are perfect. The practice is there to help you know that.”

Yoga Reconsiders the Role of the Guru in the Age of #MeToo—The late Pattabhi Jois, the father of Ashtanga yoga, has been accused over the last several years of sexual misconduct. His grandson and current lineage holder, Sharath Jois, recently apologized for his grandfather’s actions but many feel this is too little too late.
“Instead of putting the controversy to rest, the statement that Sharath issued last week has kicked off a flurry of angry responses from people who argue that it comes too late, and that it reads like an attempt to end the controversy rather than a genuine effort to set things right.”

Yoga May Improve Exercise Capacity and Pulmonary Function in COPD—This new research paper saw that pranayama yoga breathing exercises positively affected the exercise capacity and pulmonary function in patients with COPD.” The study analyzed 11 randomized controlled trials to evaluate the effect of yoga vs either no yoga, sham yoga or other active controls on the quality of life.

CO-LAB Design Office creates bamboo yoga pavilion in Tulum—Wow, what an amazing and fascinating outdoor yoga space to practice yoga in. Sign me up!

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