The Roundup! Cannabis in Yoga Studios and Yoga Celebrities

yoga link roundup

This month’s roundup includes a combination of interesting evolutions (Cannabis allowed in yoga studios! 98-year-old yogis!) with the ever disturbing updates on the Bikram Choudhury scandal.

Denver to Become First US City to Allow Cannabis in Bars, Yoga Studios—First there was simply getting stoned before yoga. Now it’s legal to get stoned during yoga at the studio. Denver voters approved Proposition 300 as eight other states legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. The city measure takes effect immediately, but it has a lot of caveats. We’re curious to see how this pans out.

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Buddhists bring meditation to the streets and subways of NYC—New Yorkers rejoice! You can find inner peace in what may appear to be the dirtiest of places. A new group called Buddhist Insights is aiming to connect New Yorkers to Buddhist monastics by bringing meditation to the streets.

These #MondayMotivation Illustrations Are the Perfect Reminder to Love Your Body—Artist Kripa Joshi posts a new illustration every week to her website and Instagram for #MondayMotivation. The empowering illustrations send a clear message: Get out there, live your life, and celebrate your body.

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A 98-Year-Old Yoga Celebrity Tells All—We just love this profile of Täo Porchon-Lynch, a yoga teacher in New York. Her lifestyle reminds us how wellness can be incorporated into any phase of your life.

Russell Simmons is Kicking off the Trump Era with a Game-changing Yoga Destination—Fashion and entertainment mogul Russell Simmons’ newest wellness endeavor is quite frankly, pretty wild. It’s a two-story hot yoga studio in Los Angeles. The 8,000-square-foot studio offers amenities like pH-balanced showers, valet parking, a juice bar, a lounge with city views, a boutique, and more.

Most Disturbing Moments From Bikram Choudhury’s ‘Real Sports’ Interview Addressing Rape Accusations—The latest updates and interviews on the Bikram Choudhury scandal continue to disturb us. Interspersed with a brief insider’s look into Bikram Yoga trainings, we also got to hear from three women—Sarah Baughn, Jill Lawler, and Maggie Genthner—all of whom have filed lawsuits against the wealthy yoga giant for sexual harassment and rape.

The Yoga Sutras Survival Guide for Political Change—In a time of uncertainty and division, look to your yoga practice for guidance. The yoga sutras are a great place to start.

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