The Roundup! Gentrification, Periods, Men in Kilts

yoga link roundup

Currently, in the world of yoga news, cultural appropriation, menstrual blood, how yoga is influencing kids, and some bare cheekiness are taking center stage.

Here’s our recommended reading list for the weekend:

Church Of Yoga Opens Amid Backlash Over Cultural Appropriation And Privilege—Dana Trixie Flynn didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she chose to open a yoga studio in a former Baptist church that was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans’ oldest black neighborhood. YogaDork fills us in on all the gentrification, glory, and glitter.

The Yogi Behind The Period Viral Video Speaks Out—Steph Gongora, a yoga instructor living in Costa Rica, posted an Instagram video last week that shows her menstrual blood seeping through her white pants while she’s practicing yoga. More than 300,000 views and 6,000 comments later, the video’s sparked a public discussion on periods with some people embracing the subject and others doing the exact opposite.

Yoga lobby fighting certification for teachers—Across the country, a coalition of yoga teachers and students is fighting to find clarity about certain certification guidelines.

Yoga at Steakhouses, and Boot Camps in Dining Rooms—Several New York City restaurants are encouraging employee bonding and wellness through fitness by offering free yoga classes.

Kilted Yoga Is The NSFW Video You Never Knew You Needed—The internet’s been going crazy over this video of men in kilts. Let’s face it, we could all use some cheeky comic relief from time to time. See what the fuss is all about.

Yoga station added to Interactive Neighborhood for Kids—In Gainesville, Florida, kids can learn about yoga at the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, a nonprofit museum dedicated to hands-on learning. The museum now has a yoga-themed station with five yoga poses painted on the wall to encourage kids to relax, focus, and learn about their bodies.

Oak Lawn teachers add yoga to literature curriculum—At a high school in Chicago, Erika Johnson, an honors English teacher, wove yoga into the curriculum after her students read the classic American lit novel, “The Great Gatsby.” In the novel, the two lead characters either focused on the past or future. Through offering yoga, Johnson wanted to teach students how to make the most of the present.

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