The Roundup! Happiness, Gratitude and Self-compassion

YogaBasics link roundup

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is no surprise that the blogosphere is awash with posts on gratitude. In the links below, you’ll find a number of different approaches to practicing gratitude, and we hope you’ll be inspired to integrate some of these techniques into your own life! While practicing gratitude can be quite simple, it contains great power. William Arthur Ward writes “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

• Gratitude: 6 Superpowers of Healthy Practice of Giving Thanks – “We may take gratitude for granted, or feel it is overplayed. Yet according to the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda, gratitude is not only essential for our well-being, it actually endows us with superpowers. Don’t just save it for Thanksgiving dinner; practice gratitude daily for greater mental health.”

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• Gratitude: How to Sing from the Mountaintops – “Gratitude empowers us by reminding us to focus on the things that we do have: to focus on the breaths we get to take, the friends we can call, the bed we get to sleep in, the covers we get to pull over ourselves, the pillow under our head.”

• Gabe Kapler on Gratitude – “Saying thank you to others is an important part of caring for yourself. … It’s not just about manners. Gratitude makes others feel respected.”

• Stop Striving for Happiness and Start Practicing It Now – “I learned that even in the midst of the darkest day, there are moments of light. Sometimes you just have to search a little harder. Quiet your mind and look for it. Believe me, you will find something wonderful that fills you with gratitude.”

• Loving My Imperfect Self – “Self-compassion has become my primary practice, and it doesn’t require a mat or a change of clothes. It requires only mindful awareness of my inner voices and inwardly directed messages of support and encouragement. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and the only posture involved is a hand placed gently over the heart.”

• Oprah’s Gratitude Journal (video) – “Sixteen years ago, Oprah started a gratitude journal and, every day, began writing down five things she was grateful for. From fresh flowers to the kindness of a stranger, Oprah says acknowledging these things made her more receptive to the goodness in her life.”

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How do you bring gratitude into your yoga practice and /or life?

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