The Roundup! International Day of Yoga, DNA, and Traveling

yoga link roundup

As June rolls around every year, people all over the world prepare for the International Day of Yoga. In this month’s link roundup, we’ve featured a few different aspects of the celebration, including the history of the International Day of Yoga, the accessibility challenge, and photographs. As usual, we’ve also included links to other interesting and informative stories we’ve found in recent weeks.

A brief history of international yoga day—For the third year in a row, the world came together on June 21 to celebrate the International Day of Yoga, a holiday created by the United Nations. Roseanne Harvey of It’s All Yoga, Baby, chimes in to research the day’s origins and uncover the potential underlying motives.

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2017 International Day of Yoga Accessible Yoga Challenge—In the recent years, there’s been an inspiring movement gaining momentum about the accessibility of yoga. For this year’s International Day of Yoga, Yoga International teamed up with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and Accessible Yoga to create this video of teachers sharing how they’re making yoga accessible for every body and everybody.

International Yoga Day – in pictures —There’s just something captivating about images of people practicing asana whether they’re contorting their bodies into odd shapes or not. Check out these beautiful images of people from all over the world practicing yoga on International Day of Yoga.

Meditation and yoga can ‘reverse’ DNA reactions which cause stress, new study suggests—Say what? Yup, you read that right. New research shows that practicing yoga can change your DNA.

7 Tips for Traveling Yogis to Help You Keep Your Inner Peace on the Road—As summertime brings road trips and adventure, how do you stay grounded while on the go? Check out these seven tips from YogiApproved.

I Love Yoga And Hate Everything About It—Has your relationship with your yoga practice evolved drastically over time? What about the way you view your teaching? It happens. Because of the ‘commercial yoga industry,’ it may be happening more. In this opinion piece, J. Brown, yoga teacher and founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, discusses his relationship to his practice, but more importantly, how modern society has affected yoga as we know it today.

How to Handle Big Emotions During Group Meditation—During meditation, deeper emotional issues can surface. How do you handle them when meditating with a group of people? Mindful offers suggestions.

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