The Roundup! International Yoga Day, Ego, and Pride

The Roundup! International Yoga Day, Ego, and Pride

How did you celebrate International Yoga Day this year? We hope you got to spend at least a few minutes getting grounded on your mat, just like the Indo-Tibetan Border Police and hundreds of yogis in Jerusalem did. In this month’s yoga news roundup, we’re sharing stories of yoga around the world, more proof that yoga breathing really does work, and some poses to complement your summer plans—rain or shine.

This elite police force guards the Himalayas—and also practices yoga—Among the many diverse groups celebrating International Yoga Day on June 21st were the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, the elite force that guards the Himalayas. The group practices yoga regularly as part of their training, often in full military regalia and at altitudes as high as 18,000 feet. Makes you wonder: if they can make time for yoga, who can’t?

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701 yoga mats paint a ‘dream’ picture of Jerusalem—International Yoga Day was celebrated in a bold, beautiful way this year in Israel. In Jerusalem near the Old City walls, a mosaic of hundreds of yoga mats formed a breathtaking piece of art envisioning the city’s future entitled “The Big Dream – Jerusalem 2048”. Following the arrangement of the piece, participants used the mats for a collective yoga, sound healing, and meditation practice led in both Hebrew and Arabic.

Why Does Yoga Make You Feel Calm? Science Has A Few Theories—It’s pretty obvious that yoga makes us feel calmer, but why is that? The key is in the breath. Breathing techniques like Ujjayi breath that correctly recruit the diaphragm control our stress response, moving us into a calmer, parasympathetic response mode. Breathing deeply never felt so good!

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People’s egos get bigger after meditation and yoga, says a new study—Wait a second…we thought meditation was supposed to help us detach from ego? A recent study by the University of Southampton suggests just the opposite, finding that contemporary meditation and yoga practices might actually inflate your ego. Since the study’s participants were based in Germany however, it has been theorized that they might simply have been doing yoga “wrong”; in too Westernized of a manner. Do you think yoga can be too Western?

10 Powerful (and Empowering) Poses for Pride—Pride Month is coming to a close, but try this 10-pose sequence to help cultivate self-acceptance and compassion as you enter the latter half of the year. As Jordan Smiley, who created the sequence, puts it, having self-compassion is a prerequisite for having pride in one’s identity.

11 Yoga Poses You Can Do in a Tent—Are you an outdoorsy yogi? If you’re planning camping trips for any upcoming summer holidays, you’ll want to keep these 11 tent-friendly poses in your back pocket. They’ll be perfect for recovering from a tough hike, or just for staying limber while you wait out the rain.

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