The Roundup! Lululemon, Yoga Conferences, and Clinical Trials

yoga link roundup

In this month’s link roundup of yoga news, we’ve compiled the latest campaigns, trials, and trends in the yoga world.

Lululemon Transcends Yoga Pants in This Mini Documentary Series by Vice Media’s In-House Agency—We weren’t sure if Lululemon would ever lose its association with yoga pants, but in the brand’s first global campaign, yoga pants are nowhere to be found. Instead, the campaign focuses on ‘real stories of practice in action’ by highlighting yoga off the mat. Check out the various videos for a glimpse into yoga philosophy.

The Yoga Community Neglects People Of Color — The Very People Who Need Wellness The Most—As writer Gina M. Florio reports on the rising stress rates, and what we can do as individuals to relieve stress, she discusses how this affects people of color—especially when it comes to yoga.

Yoga Journal Exit Stage Right—Before the years of music and yoga festivals, yoga conferences were a big deal. And they still are, but they’re taking a break to reinvent themselves. At least the Yoga Journal Conferences are. Is this an end of an era or just the evolving next step?

Clinical trial shows benefit of yoga for side effects of prostate cancer treatment—In the first randomized trial to look at the effect of twice-weekly yoga on the side-effects and quality of life caused by prostate cancer treatment, yoga has proven to be successful.

NamasBey is the New Yoga Trend for Beyoncé-Loving Yogis—First, it was Namasdrake, and now all the single ladies can rejoice for NamasBey. Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Houston host Beyonce-themed yoga classes, and possibly soon a city near you…?

Yoga Helps At-risk Girls Cope with Trauma, Georgetown Law Report Finds—New research from Georgetown Law finds that yoga helps vulnerable girls after sexual violence and other childhood trauma. Learn about their recommendations for support.

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