The Roundup! #NYGYoga and Cultural Appropriation

yoga link roundup

In this month’s roundup of yoga news, we have stories of body positivity through nude yoga, cultural appropriation, yoga in airports, and more.

Hundreds of People Are Posting Nude Yoga Photos on Instagram—Here’s What Inspired Them—For a couple of years, the anonymous model and photographer simply known as Nude Yoga Girl has been sharing nude self-portraits on Instagram often with captions about self-love. These honest and raw photos usually show her in the middle of a challenging yoga pose. Recently, she started the hashtag #NYGYoga to encourage people to post their own nude photos in the name of body positivity.

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Yoga in America Often Exploits My Culture—but You May Not Even Realize It—Growing up in Florida as a first-generation Indian American, Rina Deshpande was raised to practice yoga, but not the type of yoga that’s become so popular in our culture. She shares her journey of feeling shame for her own culture, how the Western culture of “yoga” often feels exclusionary to her, and the effects of cultural appropriation on yoga.

My Complicated Relationship With Yoga As An Indian-American Millennial—In a similar but different vein, Akansha Agrawal shares how a majority of her practice was actually influenced by “toned blondes wearing Lululemon and bumping hip-hop music.”

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A Guided Yoga Studio Is Coming to Denver Airport—On November 6, Yoga on the Fly—a private airport yoga and meditation concept—will open the doors to its first studio in Denver International Airport’s Concourse A. Yoga on the Fly provides wireless headsets, yoga mats and iPads with easy to follow instructional videos in private mini-studios.

Is Alternate Nostril Breathing Really Just Placebo? A Response To The Atlantic—Hillary Clinton has been singing the praises of the ancient pranayama technique alternate nostril breathing. This caught the attention of James Hamblin, a senior editor at The Atlantic. So much so that he wrote a fairly snarky article about it: “How Alternate-Nostril Breathing Works.” Here’s Timothy McCall’s, MD, take on it. McCall is the medical editor of Yoga Journal.

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