The Roundup! Obscure Videos and Positive Body Image

yoga link roundup

Sometimes there isn’t much to report on as far as the yoga world goes. And then some strange, obscure chakra-aligning videos come along. The videos are part of a series that celebrates female athletes, which goes hand in hand with the theme of this link roundup. We’ve included a photo celebration of athletes of all different shapes and sizes, a yoga and sport pairing, and more.

Bend It Like Beka (Video Series)—In partnership with smartwater®, Brawlers has released a video series to celebrate female athletes in the world who are eliminating the distinction between strength and beauty. Bend It Like Beka is part of that series. While this series is designed to tune up your body with stretches that align your seven chakras and bring balance and new energy into your life, after watching the videos, the main energy we’re feeling is confused. What’s your take on these videos?

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ESPN’s Body Issue Continues to Prove That Athletes Come in All Shapes and Sizes—While we are all united as the human race, we are all beautiful in our differences—especially when it comes to our bodies. For its annual body issue, ESPN the Magazine depicts the endless beauty of difference and that all bodies are worth celebrating.

Hot New Trend: Yoga Meets Skateboarding—The core and balance work that go into skateboarding are interchangeable with the core and balance work that go into yoga. SkateYogi in Brooklyn, NY, has combined this pair to offer classes in board basics, yoga stretches, and Tai chi.

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Is That Your Male Privilege Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?In this opinion piece by yoga teacher J. Brown, he discusses the wounds the  ‘rampant misogyny in our society’ has created, how those wounds have seeped into the world of yoga, and what we can do to create a world where everyone—on and off the mat—feels safe.

15 Struggles Only People Who Love Yoga Understand (Funny)Amidst the serious times, humor always helps. When it comes to yoga, sometimes the struggle is real.

Six Indian Universities to Open Own Yoga DepartmentsIndia already has several yoga schools. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to take it a step further, inviting Indian universities to offer courses in yoga studies as part of a global push to further popularize the ancient practice.

Interested in Teaching Yoga at a Resort? Here’s How to Do ItAs a yoga teacher there’s still time to savor the summer and extend vacation. Learn the basics of how to teach at a resort and turn your job into a constant vacation.

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