The Roundup! Raptor Yoga and Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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Can you believe we’ve already made it halfway through the year? Think of this month’s roundup of yoga stories as your mid-year pick-me-up. It’s got everything you might need to finish the year strong: inspiration, hope for recovery, idyllic travel destinations, and even a bit of a chuckle at the end!

Seven Lessons from Mister Rogers That Can Help Americans Be Neighbors Again–With the biographical documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor recently hitting theaters, many of us have been reminiscing about Mister Rogers’ kind and neighborly demeanor and wise words. This article encourages us to do more than reminisce—to apply Mister Rogers’ lessons and be kinder to ourselves and one another.

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This Yoga Program Helps Victims of Domestic Violence Heal—New York-based nonprofit organization Exhale to Inhale is teaching yoga at domestic violence shelters around Manhattan to help reduce symptoms of PTSD. Its classes are specially designed to be sensitive to trauma survivors; teachers don’t move around the room or touch the students, and the lights in the room stay on.

Contemplating suicide, this Marine turned to yoga to save his life—After over a decade serving in the Marine Corps, then working overseas as a contractor, Justin Blazejewski came home and felt lost. Yoga was what finally helped him turn off his automatic fight-or-flight response. He founded VEToga, a yoga program for active military, veterans and their families, to pay it forward.

In a Chinese Village, Elderly Farmers Are Now Yogis—The average age in the small Chinese village of Yugouliang is 65, and its residents were ailing. Just by encouraging residents to practice yoga, the village’s top official turned things around. Now the village has been named “China’s first yoga village”, has won an award in a team yoga competition, and has been given a grant to build a brand new yoga pavilion!

6 Wild and Beautiful Places to Practice Yoga—Wondering where more of the world’s “yoga villages” lie? This piece from National Geographic has you covered with 6 gorgeous travel destinations that are perfect for a personal yoga retreat.

OWL Society to pair raptors and yoga—In Surrey, British Columbia, the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society is hosting a class called “Find Your Wings: Yoga with Raptors” as a fundraiser. During the class, which takes place near bird habitats, participants will be watched over by bald eagles, grey owl, hawks, turkey vultures, and Sarah, the society’s resident barn owl. Sounds like a hoot!

‘Judgement Free Zone?’ Man busted for doing yoga naked at public gym—In a public area of a Planet Fitness location in New Hampshire, a man stripped down and began practicing yoga poses in the buff. Unsurprisingly, he was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, lewdness, and disorderly conduct. Looks like someone finally found the edge of the judgement free zone.

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