The Roundup! Reclaim Your Time and Wash Your Yoga Mat

yoga link roundup

The fullness of spring brings lots of excitement and activity. In this link roundup we’ve included ways to reclaim your time and find more balance in your life. Maybe some of that time should be devoted to cleaning your yoga mat as new research is revealing some dirty truths. There may just be a picture of bacteria often found on yoga mats to go along with it.

The Joy of Doing Less: Three Ways to Reclaim Your Time – As spring blossoms in its full splendor, life continues to get busier. Incorporate these three steps into your life to create more spaciousness.

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Crazy Busy and Burnt Out? Here Are 10 Steps to Find Balance and Be a Total Badass – Once you create more spaciousness with the aforementioned steps, take it a bit further and learn 10 more. Some examples: Learn how to say no. Eat real food. Move your body. These steps seem simple enough, but when life gets overwhelming, it’s especially important to remember the simple things.

I Thought I Was the Only One — Our Stories in the Practice: Yoga, Healing Justice, Diversity and Access – Yogi and social justice advocate Susanna Barkataki operates the Diverse Yoga Leadership as a Site for Social Change movement. It’s a call to action for more coherent, visible, diverse community, and leadership in yoga. Her most recent interview is with the group Black Yogis.

Could Your Dirty Yoga Mat Be Making You Sick? – Have you ever thought about the bacteria that could be lurking inside of your yoga mat? “Yoga mats are the worst,” says Dr. Robert Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers School of Medicine. “A yoga mat is a perfect incubator for many of our skin infections.” Try to remember that next time you “don’t have time” to clean your mat.

Recap: Yoga Journal LIVE! NYC | Yoga Is for Everybody – For four days in the beginning of April, Yoga Journal hosted workshops in New York City. Now in it’s twentieth year, Yoga Journal/YJ LIVE! events are in five markets, and they draw in thousands of people from around the globe including teachers, families, beginners, and seasoned yogis. Here’s one yogi’s story of the experience.

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Work Day – Research shows that people spend almost 47 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing. That’s almost half of our waking time spent not focusing on what we’re doing. Learn some tricks to help you along the way.



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