The Roundup! Relationships, Dangerous Pants, and Doom Yoga

yoga link roundup

May was an unusual month in yoga news. We learned about the dangers of yoga pants, celebrated the birthday of twin baby goats, and pondered whether yoga and headbanging are contraindicated. Let’s put it this way: we think you’ll enjoy this month’s yoga news roundup for its sheer entertainment value.

Yoga to make your relationships better—In yoga, relationships mean more than romance. From friends to romantic partners, and even yourself, you’re in more relationships than you think. This article shares helpful tips for using yoga principles like Ahimsa to improve every relationship in your life.

Hospitals warn patients: Your Lululemon yoga pants could burn you during MRIs—While fancy tech fabrics might feel and look great, they can actually be dangerous. Fabrics that include metallic fibers—often included to help combat sweaty odors—can burn you if worn inside MRI machines.

Are Yoga Pants Bad For You? 6 Things That Could Happen If You Wear Them All The Time—Could you be wearing your favorite yoga pants too much? Maybe. Close-fitting fabric can contribute to embarrassing issues like below-the-belt acne and yeast infections. More unsavory side-effects, plus ways to combat them, in this article.

Benedict Cumberbatch prefers yoga to drugs and is happy with ‘near-sobriety’—We knew we liked Benedict Cumberbatch! In a recent interview with Radio Times, the Sherlock star revealed he prefers yoga and meditation to wild nights out.

Doom Yoga is combining relaxing exercise with a heavy metal playlist at Download Festival—We love using soothing soundscapes to enhance our yoga practice, but doing yoga to death metal? Now that’s a stretch! Much to our surprise, heavy metal yoga is quickly gaining popularity in London. Would you try it?

Goat gives birth to twins in the middle of a goat yoga class—By now we’re sure you’ve heard of goat yoga. At a recent goat yoga session in Suwanee, Georgia, a pregnant goat named Tassi gave birth to twins right in the middle of class! That has to be good luck or something.

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  1. I would definitely enjoy doing yoga to death metal. I already do it to heavy metal and progressive rock. Try for starters led zeppelins Kashmir. It’s made for yoga. I think it all depends on your taste in music. Whatever genre you love to listen to you can do your yoga to it.

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