The Roundup! Renewal and Politics

Yoga Link Roundup

In this link roundup we’ve included stories on how to transition into March, how a university is using meditation to fight binge drinking, how to remain mindful when using social media, and more.

Marching into March: An Attitude Towards Growth – March brings renewal and rebirth with the promise of spring. What are your intentions for this month? How will you incorporate renewal into your daily life and your yoga practice? YOGANONYMOUS shares some tips.

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Why Yogis Should Care About Politics – Yoga is union with all things (even politics), and this author tells it like it is. “What could be more yogic, more ‘in union’ than considering our relationships with ourselves, our fellow citizens, and our planet…As practitioners of yoga, it doesn’t make sense to say—and I would venture that it is disingenuous to say—that we desire to be one with everything except for the things that make us uncomfortable or mad. Like politics.”

It’s Brain Science: University Fights Binge Drinking With Meditation – Last year, University of Vermont accepted 120 freshman to live in a substance-free dorm with free perks including yoga classes and gym passes. The students are required to take the neuroscience course, “Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies,” which begins with meditation. Read on to find out if the class and the substance-free dorm are effective.

Seven minutes of meditation can reduce racial prejudice – A recent study found that seven minutes of Loving-kindness meditation (LKM), a Buddhist practice that promotes unconditional kindness towards oneself and others, is effective at reducing racial bias.

Before You Scroll, Try This Mindful Social Media Practice – Social media has changed our ways of communicating and relating. When using social media, have you paid attention to how you feel? Before logging in to check your favorite social site, what are your expectations? provides some insights on how to use social media with awareness.

The New Yorker’s Cartoon Caption Contest – Each week The New Yorker publishes a cartoon caption contest. The latest one is a scene straight from a yoga class. There are three captions to choose from. One of the captions is: “Unfortunately, we are not flexible on mats.” What would your caption be?

Exhale 2015 and Inhale 2016 with the Help of Yoga – Did you set New Year’s resolutions or intentions for this year? Are you still committed to them?

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