The Roundup! Satire, Procrastination and the Sacred Little Things

yoga link roundup

As it turns out, yogis and new-age spiritual junkies can manifest some seriously funny satire. (And for those of you with kids, be sure to clear the room before watching the first three videos!). Beyond the parodies, what does a day in the life of a spiritual person look like? How do we find the sacred? And … er … how do we stop procrastinating long enough to do so?

How to be Ultra Spiritual — If you’re looking to be “ultra spiritual,” according to JP Sears, “First what you need to understand is, being ‘ultra spiritual’ has nothing to do with actually being spiritual, because no one even knows what that actually is.” For example, at the 3:39 mark, he states, “Do copious amounts of yoga, even though you have no idea why aggressively stretching your body and wearing $100 Lulu Lemon pants relates to your spirituality.”

Dickipedia: Bikram Choudhury — Well, here it is: Huffington Post’s Dickipedia has managed to sum up, in three-minutes-and-twenty-six-seconds, all of the reasons why we can rest assured that Bikram Choudhury is indeed, a … well, you know.

Amy Schumer and Bill Nye Explain The Universe Is Just A Big Pinterest Board — It was once believed that the universe was a collection of matter through which life was created. But according to these women, the universe is a divine energy system created to help them manifest their every dream and wish, like, for instance, an apricot puggle.

A Day in the Life of the Dalai Lama — Ever wonder what the Dalai Lama does all day? We’d never have guessed that he’s addicted to the BBC World News!

Mindfulness as the Cure to Procrastination — “Have you ever had a project that you just can’t seem to start? As a deadline approached, did you distract yourself under a growing mountain of fear? I am a master procrastinator, too. Why do we distract ourselves when it makes our work less enjoyable and more difficult?”

Enjoy the Little Things: 11 Ways to Find the Sacred in Everyday Life — One of our favorites is #9, “Awake early to have time to meditate, breathe, and watch the birds, while slowly, mindfully, drinking a cup of coffee or tea.”

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