The Roundup! Star Signs and Dennis Rodman

yoga link roundup

Just in time for Gemini season, this month’s yoga news roundup is a delightful cornucopia of yoga news on a variety of topics. Find a conversation starter with Forbes’ guide to the best yoga post for your zodiac sign, then learn how to decompress from stressful days at work. Gain a better understanding of what counts as cultural appropriation in yoga, then read about how Dennis Rodman stole a giant crystal from a yoga studio. Life is all about balance, and so are our favorite newsworthy yoga stories this month!

This Is The Best Yoga Pose For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign—Do you follow astrology? If so, you probably know we’ve just entered Gemini season, a time for communication and getting social. So this Gemini season, check out this article that suggests the best yoga pose for every star sign. Could be a great conversation starter!

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Yoga Is My Self-Care: More Black Men Need to Breathe—We loved the sentiment in this article by yogi Terrell J. Starr. He discusses how yoga allows him to leave the societal pressures of being a black man in today’s society at the door and find peace with who he is. He hopes that he can influence other black men to try yoga and find the same freedom.

6 Breath Practices for a Stressful Day at Work—Spring is a busy time in many workplaces, and it’s easy to lose the work-life balance we work so hard to cultivate when things get tense. Try these six pranayama exercises when you need to re-center.


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How a boutique fitness startup is shaking up the $12 billion yoga industry—Have you heard of Y7 Studio? It’s a fitness startup, led by CEO Sarah Larson-Levy, that offers 60-minute challenging hot yoga classes in the dark. Check out this Yahoo! Finance interview with Larson-Levy to hear more about Y7’s business model and the booming growth they’ve seen over the past few years.

Yoga class while waiting for refills? CVS tests new “health hubs”—Yoga at the pharmacy? Now that’s a new one. CVS Pharmacy is piloting its new Health Hubs concept at three locations in Houston. The hubs will offer nutritional counseling, workout classes, and fitness products—like yoga mats—for purchase in addition to the usual CVS fare. Would you take a yoga class at CVS?

What’s the Difference Between Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Appreciation?—This article, written by first-generation Indian-American yoga and mindfulness researcher and teacher Rina Deshpande, is a thoughtful look at the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation in yoga.

Dennis Rodman Accused of Stealing 400-Pound Crystal From Yoga Studio—File this one under weird yoga news! Former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman has been accused of orchestrating the theft of a 400-lb. amethyst and $1,000 worth of other items from a yoga studio in L.A. We…don’t know what to say.

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