The Roundup! The Weird and Wacky

yoga link roundup

We are used to finding a wide range of news stories and blog posts on our monthly review of what is trending in the yoga world. For March we found an unusually high number of unusual yoga stories. How weird and wacky do you think these six yoga news stories are?

From Yoga to Movie Nights: How Cemeteries Are Trying to Attract the Living—Even though in today’s times it may seem odd, cemeteries were designed to be public spaces. Cemeteries existed before parks, art museums, and botanical gardens, and they were places for people to go to escape the city and relax. Knowing the history, it seems natural to practice yoga at a cemetery, right?

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A yoga instructor was so inspired by ‘Black Panther’ he created Wakanda yoga—Have you ever been so inspired by a movie that you’ve created a yoga style after it? Virginia-based yoga instructor Artis Smith was. After seeing ‘Black Panther,’ he created Wakanda yoga, which focuses on breath, rhythm and movement and is paced with live African-style drumming.

These Leggings With Pockets for Your Gun Have the Internet Up in Arms—Um, what? “While big name athletic companies shy away from promoting one’s second amendment right and certainly have never built in the ability to do so, Alexo Athletica will never back down from supporting a woman’s right to choose how she defends herself while striving to bring the best in fashionable, functional active carry-wear to the market,” the company wrote on its website about its new leggings. These $99 high-rise leggings have nine pockets—which the manufacturer suggests can be used to stash your knife or gun. Controversial? You betcha.

Police chief constable gives his officers two extra rest days a year ‘to do YOGA’—Meanwhile, in England, the Lincolnshire chief of police proposed to offer officers two ‘yoga days’ leave a year for their ‘spiritual well-being’. Lincolnshire police said the initiative would ensure officers had enough rest and recuperation to help officers cope with the pressures of the job that is ‘taking a greater toll on them.’ Controversial? Oh yes.

Inside the Convoluted ‘Battle for the Heart and Soul of Yoga’ That Resulted in Alo Yoga Suing a Body-Positive Influencer—In January, Alo Yoga, the “studio-to-street” athleisure brand sued a popular body-positive yoga teacher and Instagram influencer after she publicly criticized the brand. But this story goes deeper than the facts. As Jezebel says, “it’s a story of the modern battle between spirituality and capitalism, of broken alliances, of an outraged community, of the fight to define what yoga even means anymore.”

Going to a concert is better for wellbeing than yoga or walking a dog, new research claims—Heading to a Beyonce concert is more beneficial for your wellbeing than yoga, a new study claims. Researchers found that people who listened to 20 minutes of live music had a 21% boost in mood, while those who took a yoga class for the same amount of time increased their wellbeing by just 10%.

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