The Roundup! Yoga Fashion and Yoga Action

yoga link roundup

For this week’s roundup we’ve mixed a bit of updates on what’s happening in the fashion/trendy world of yoga with what’s happening in the action world of yoga. We’ve included an article with inspirational quotes to keep you going when cat yoga and yoga action figures just aren’t enough.

Yoga Pants Hit Fashion Week Runway In Athleta Athleisure — For the first time ever yoga pants are considered “fashionable” by the bigwigs. Watch out world, athleisure, the “certified” name for fashionable workout clothing, has officially debuted.

Asking for a Friend: How Often Should You Wash Your Yoga Pants? — Speaking of yoga pants, how often do you wash yours?

Moksha Yoga Pulls Together for First Nations Legal Action — While models were walking the runway wearing yoga pants, Moksha and Modo Yoga (a set of international hot yoga studios) has been devoted to karma yoga: the yoga of action. For their annual fundraising campaign they’ve chosen to raise money for First Nations legal challenges to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project in Canada.

10 Inspirational Quotes from Yoga Instructors on Self-Confidence, Acceptance, and Compassion — We could all always use a little more self-love and compassion in our lives. Yoga instructors weigh in.

The Surprise Yoga Of The 2015 Emmys — LL Cool J likes to meditate. Yup, meditate on that for a minute. YogaDork shares more yogic moments at the Emmys.

Cat yoga is now a thing in Lafayette —Yoga pants displayed at New York Fashion Week for the first time, yoga moments at the Emmys, and now this…cat yoga. We’re beginning to believe that all really is possible. Downward-facing cat, anyone?

‘Yoga Joe’ Action Figures Raise Awareness Of Benefits Of Yoga For Military Vets — There’s a new twist on G.I. Joe, and he’s practicing yoga.

5 Reasons to Venture Out & Visit Other Yoga Studios — Do you frequent a particular yoga studio that you love? Here are some tips for changing things up.

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