The Roundup! Yoga Shows Up in Unexpected Places

yoga link roundup

As more and more people discover the benefits of yoga, we’re starting to see yoga classes pop up just about everywhere: in schools, in businesses, and now, at oil and gas conferences and in e-sports training regimes! Although April begins with an air of silliness thanks to April Fools’ Day, the tidbits of yoga news we’ve rounded up for you this month, while they might be surprising, are no joke.

Should Every American Citizen Be a Yoga Teacher?— Have you ever taken a CorePower yoga class? The nationwide chain’s sales model encourages teachers to “upsell” teacher training to students, offering monetary incentives depending on the number of people they enroll. What do you think? Does this go against the ideals of yoga?

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Tibetan Yoga Techniques for Better Breathing—This in-depth article from Tricycle explores Yantra yoga, the Tibetan Buddhist practice of “wind energy” training through breathwork. The authors recommend giving these breathing techniques a try after a short (15-20 minute) asana practice.

How I Became a Front-Row Yogi—It can be scary and exposing to choose a yoga mat in the front row. But Paulette Perhach recommends giving it a try in your next class, explaining that moving to the front row made her feel more committed and focused. Do you usually choose the front row, back row, or somewhere in between?

Namaste: At Laveen Elementary, yoga is replacing detention—At Laveen Elementary, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, students can choose to begin their day with yoga or recess. In addition, midday detention has been replaced with time in the “Mind, Body and Spirit Room.” Incorporating yoga has had a massive impact, with a 70% decrease in suspensions, office referrals, tardiness, and absences.

E-Sports Embraces Traditional Training Methods: Less Pizza, More Yoga—When you think of e-sports, Mountain Dew, Doritos, and lots of sitting might come to mind. But today’s gamers are doing things differently. Lots of e-sports teams have begun incorporating better nutrition and movement—in particular, yoga—into their training regimens.

Namaste, Oil Drillers: Yoga Mats Debut at Texas Industry Meeting—The oil and gas industry is experiencing a big transformation right now as many industry veterans are retiring. This changing of the guard has made room to try new things, like yoga! This year’s Hart Energy’s DUG Permian Basin conference agenda included morning yoga sessions to facilitate networking and hopefully attract a younger and more diverse crowd to the industry.

An English hotel has launched outdoor yoga with lemurs to help people de-stress—We’ve all heard of puppy yoga and goat yoga, but lemur yoga? Now that’s a new one. Armathwaite Hall, an English countryside hotel with a wildlife park on premises, has begun offering yoga classes with lemurs!

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