The Roundup! Yoga Pants, Controversies, Dance Parties

yoga link roundup

Discover the latest news in the yoga world, including stories about yoga pants controversies, creative ways to combine yoga classes with other healing modalities, the largest collective chant of OM, and more.

Leggings and yoga pants: When tight trousers get controversial—Recently, United Airlines stopped two girls from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings. Since the passengers were guests of airline employees, they were subject to a certain dress code. No need to worry yoga pant fanatics; if you’re a regular passenger, the leggings ban doesn’t apply.

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Did Your Yoga Pants Cause Sea Pollution?—According to Gulf Coast researchers, your yoga pants may be contributing to sea pollution. When laundered, the microscopic plastic fibers in yoga pants get flushed into natural waterways and eventually make their way to the ocean. Learn what this means for sea life.

I woke up at dawn to dance sober for 3 hours before work — and I’ve already signed up to do it again—Early morning dance parties are sweeping the globe. And not the early morning dance parties as an extension of the night. Instead, these dance parties provide a safe space to let loose before work. Known as Daybreaker, these parties begin with an hour-long yoga class and encourage freedom of expression in a nightclub setting without drugs or alcohol.

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We tried it: Yoga with lights, music, scents — and even an elixir shot—When it comes to sensory exploration yoga classes, the possibilities for creativity are endless. The WOOM Center in NYC focuses on bringing all five senses into your yoga practice. Read one author’s experience.

Lend Your Voice To World’s Largest Collection of ‘Om’—Tune into the sacred sound of the universe at NYC’s Rubin Museum of Art. Set to open June 16, 2017, “The World Is Sound” exhibit will be the largest collective chant of OM ever generated.

What Do People Love Most About the Yoga Community?—There’s plenty to love and cherish about the yoga community. DOYOUYOGA, an online yoga magazine, conducted a survey in 2016 to find out exactly what makes people’s hearts aglow for yoga.


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