The Roundup! Yoga Songs and Teddy Bears

yoga link roundup

The summer months are filled with a special kind of joy and freedom. Going along with the feeling of lightness, we’ve composed this link roundup of uplifting and funny stories. We’ve even included a link to photographs of a meditating teddy bear for extra warm and fuzzy feelings.

Here’s the Real Allure of Yoga—Stress relief? Flexibility? A new study in the Journal of Health Psychology found that many people maintain a yoga practice not for the endorphins or the crazy back bends but for spirituality.

A Meditating Teddy Bear Is Instagram’s Newest Yoga Star—And he’s super cute. Meddy Teddy was created to help parents and teachers talk to kids about mindfulness, self-trust, and confidence. And he sure knows a thing or two about yoga poses.

Yoga Isn’t Just in the News—It’s Hitting the Top 10 Music Countdown—Yoga’s got a new theme song. Rae Sremmurd, two vocalists and a DJ, are set to drop their latest album in August, and so far their song #DoYoga is a hit. With lyrics like, “All my girls do yoga” and “Yoga keep her motivated,” how could it not be?

In Pictures: Yoga Takes Over the World on Second International Day of Yoga—From Times Square in New York City to the Opera House in Sydney, celebrations for Yoga Day (June 21) spanned the globe.

5 Essential Elements Of The Perfect Weekend Staycation—As the summer activity heats up, try cooling down by creating your own retreat at home.

How Yoga Found Its Place in America—The Fourth of July reminds us of the birth and evolution of the United States. YOGANONYMOUS examines how yoga fits in.

Yoga Pants Rap (Video)—Dedicated to all the mammas out there rocking your yoga pants. You know who you are.

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