The Roundup! Yoga Wisdom and Introspection

Yoga Link Roundup

We often focus so much on yoga’s active, engaging and physical side that we neglect it’s innate powers of reflection, introspection and wisdom. In this week’s link roundup we offer several reminders to look within and discover the inner treasures and sage knowledge that yoga can cultivate.

• What Yin Yoga Taught Me About Relationships – While this sweet article is specific to yin yoga, these reflections and lessons apply to any style of yoga you choose to practice.

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• Finding It, Losing It: Peaks and Valleys on the Path of Yoga – This is a wonderful and relatable article by poet Danna Faulds on practicing detachment over seeking blissful rewards in one’s yoga practice.

• 6 Morning Rituals for a Healthier and Happier You – We like #5 best: “Mapping out your day is an excellent way to keep your goals on track, while alleviating the to-do lists and worries from your mind. Once your day’s tasks are on paper, you will no longer need to worry about them or spend extra energy trying to remember all of the little things that need to be accomplished.”

• 3 Reasons We Must Shed Our Beliefs – “Beliefs need to be considered for what they actually are, and utilized for the value they hold—as a companion in an ever-changing reality—not the reality itself.”

• 8 Ways to Accelerate Your Yoga and Learning – The title is a bit misleading but this a great 8-step program to use if you struggle with accomplishing your goals or just want to accelerate achieving them.

• 3 Things I Learned in Yoga Class that Changed my Life – “Well, needless to say, the first time I attempted this pose I tipped over like a tree, feeling embarrassed and hopeless the entire way down.  A teacher came to me at that moment and said the following ‘It’s all about play.’ Then it hit me.  What was I trying to prove?”

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• What It’s Like to Do Prenatal Yoga… As a Man – A funny and sweet story of empathy in action and a wonderful lesson on the gifts that arise when we are open to new experiences.

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