The Roundup! Yoga with Adriene and Balance for Fall

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In this month’s roundup, you’ll find practical ways to maintain a balanced yoga practice throughout the fall. You’ll learn how long to practice, how to counteract fall’s coolness and windiness with some warmth, and how to behave in a yoga class when you’re the only man in sight. Last but not least, don’t miss CNBC’s profile on everyone’s favorite YouTube yogini, Adriene of Yoga With Adriene.

How Long Should A Yoga Session Be? A Yoga Teacher Shares Some Thoughtful Insight—Sometimes you don’t have a full hour to dedicate to your yoga practice, and according to this yoga teacher, that’s totally okay. Here’s how to decide how long to practice.

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7 Truths About Eating Disorders Every Yoga Teacher Needs to Know—As a yoga teacher, it can benefit your teaching to have awareness and sensitivity around the various physical and mental diagnoses your students may have. This article, written by an anorexia survivor, contains seven helpful things yoga teachers should know about eating disorders.

Ready to Let Go? A Traditional Chinese Medicine-Inspired Yoga Sequence for Fall—The shorter days that come along with fall can get some of us feeling down in the dumps. This Yin yoga sequence uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to help us rebalance and welcome the new season.

5 Vata-Balancing Strategies for Fall—In Ayurveda, the cold and windy fall is the Vata time of year. If you have a Vata dosha, you’ll want to balance yourself out each fall with warm and nourishing foods, smells, and meditations. If you don’t know what your Ayurvedic dosha is, take our quiz!

Insider Tips for Being the Only Dude in Yoga Class—In this political climate, it’s important for men to be aware of how they take up space. This article gives six practical tips for men who want to fully enjoy a group yoga practice, but still respect the other participants in the class.

From self-made teacher to YouTube superstar: How ‘Yoga With Adriene’ inspired millions—If you’ve ever browsed YouTube for a yoga video to follow for your home practice, you’ve definitely heard of  Adriene. Adriene’s channel, Yoga with Adriene, is YouTube’s most popular yoga channel, and for good reason: she’s funny, gentle, and not at all intimidating. Here’s how she rose to fame.

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