The Roundup! Yogic Advice for a Rockin’ 2015

Yoga Basics Link Roundup

Happy 2015! The new year is ripe with energy for digging deep and reflecting on your goals, values, resolutions and intentions. We’ve rounded up a collection of articles that provide sage advice on making your new year more joyful, transformative, healthy and yogic.

5 Foolproof Ways to Feel More Joy in 2015 – More than just a list of tips, this article is jam packed with good advice such as “Everything issues forth from the power of our intentions. Start with a vision, and then make a heartfelt decision to do your part. Let go of any timetable you might have in mind. Take what steps you can, then allow yourself to experience the well-being you create, recognize it when comes. Savor it. Do it in baby steps, which means noticing even the littlest successes.”

20 Tiny Changes That Can Completely Overhaul Your Life – A great list of baby-step psychological/emotional shifts that are easy to remember and practice often.

The No. 1 Health-Booster in 2015 – “The hottest well-being trend right now isn’t a hardcore workout or a fad diet. It’s a gentle, ancient practice that millions say is the antidote to the 21st-century stress that affects everything from job performance and sleep to your weight.”

7 Resolutions That Yoga Can Help You Keep past January – A list of seven common new year’s resolutions and how yoga can help you fulfill them.

5 Yoga Mistakes to Avoid This Year – These “mistakes” should be all obvious and easy to overcome for the seasoned yoga practitioner, but they are helpful for newbies and good reminders for all.

Yoga in 2015: Parsing the Signs of the Times – “My hope for the yoga world in 2015 is that more and more practitioners will make the warrior’s choice to practice in ways that seek the Light and stare down the Dark. That strive for wisdom while accepting the inevitability of foolishness. That keep the faith without doing so blindly. That inspire hope while having compassion for despair. And that learn through hard-won experience that no matter how bad the times may be, the human spirit has infinite capacity for renewal.”

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