The Ultimate Guide for the Budget Yogi

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Tired of spending half of your budget on yoga? All of the gear, clothing, and classes can add up to a frightening sum. Luckily, you can still get all the benefits of a yoga practice without spending so much money. Here are some tips on how to save money on your yoga practice.

Find great deals on yoga classes in your area

Groupon and Living Social are for more than just deals on restaurants. Many yoga studios offer discounts on individual classes, class packs, or even a full month membership. Instead of paying one studio over $100 per month, you can try a few different studios and cut your spending by 50% or more. Some studios offer a month of unlimited classes for as low as $20-$30.

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Check directly with the studios in your area to see if they offer any deals. Holidays and the beginning of the season are the best time to find deals. Some studios offer a discount for your first month or offer class passes at a lower rate. Most class passes are 10 or 20 classes that you buy at once (at a discounted rate) and use over a predestined number of weeks. Research the studios in your area to see what kind of deals they have available.

Ask studios if they offer free or donation based classes.

Practice at home with books or online classes

There is no way to avoid paying fees when attending a studio yoga class. However, you can still get great yoga instruction without paying a dime (or at least paying a lot less). Yoga books are a one-time investment that will last a lifetime. There are many yoga books, like Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Class, and The Yoga Bible that spell out what you need to know to do a pose safely and effectively and provide sequences to follow to get a full practice.

If you still want a teacher to guide you through your class, but don’t want to pay for a studio class, consider online yoga classes. You can find instructional yoga videos by searching “yoga class” on YouTube. While DoYogaWithMe and Grokker offer premium videos to paid subscribers, they also have free, high quality yoga videos.

Shop for inexpensive yoga clothing

Some yoga pants cost nearly $200. Of course there are pros and cons to buying yoga pants worth that much, but they are by no means a necessity. There are tons of easy ways to save money on yoga clothing.

Visit your local used clothing stores to see what inexpensive exercise clothing they have for sale. Buy multi-use clothing. A lot of brands sell yoga clothes that can be worn as street clothing as well so you don’t have to feel bad about spending a bit more if you will wear your pants for more than yoga class.

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For stylish yoga clothing at affordable prices, check out Yoga Outlet. They have some of the cutest yoga fashions available for low prices.

Free and cheap yoga prop options

Props and accessories can be expensive. For affordable mats, props, and accessories, check out Yoga Warehouse. They have everything you need for prices that will make the budget yogi rejoice.

There are also a few do-it-yourself hacks you can use to avoid purchasing props. A belt or a tie is a great alternative to a yoga strap. A thick hardcover book can fill in for a yoga block. Most couch cushions or pillows will do the same job as a yoga bolster. You can also roll up a blanket for long and skinny bolsters. Any blanket in your house will work just fine.

Yoga is a practice everybody can benefit from

Unfortunately yoga is being linked to an elite and affluent population more frequently. The truth is, anyone can practice yoga. Spending hundreds of dollars on yoga outfits, mats, and studio memberships does not make your practice any more or less valid. All that money will not bring you any closer to peace of mind. So find the yoga classes and products that work for your budget. Then find the practice that works for you and enjoy all of the benefits that yoga has to offer without stressing over unnecessary costs.

What do you do to save money on yoga?

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