Our Top 21 Yoga Posts of 2018

Top Yoga Articles of 2018

As one year ends and another begins, it feels natural to take some quiet time to look inward and reflect on the year. For us here at Yoga Basics, that means taking a moment to be grateful for another fruitful year creating illuminating articles especially for you! Our team of writers and editors is already looking forward to another fun and busy year of curating the best yoga content the web has to offer.

To celebrate and close out the year, we’ve rounded up some of your favorite posts from 2018 on subjects like yogic philosophy, meditation, pranayama, and more. Curl up with a cup of tea, get cozy, and take a trip down memory lane with us.

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Yoga Blog Articles

Whether we were sharing meditation techniques, mantras, or tips & tricks for improving your yoga form, we covered a lot of ground with our blog content this year. We’re proud of the information-packed articles we delivered throughout 2018, and we’re happy to see that you loved them too. Take a look at this year’s top six most viewed and shared articles below!

The Best Free Yoga Videos

We started our new “Best Free Yoga Videos” series in 2018; delivering a curated list of the best new yoga videos on YouTube each month. As we review new yoga videos, we look for top quality teaching, presentation of new information, uniqueness, style, and length. Check out the three most popular videos in this series below—you just might discover a new favorite class!

Yoga Quizzes

Ever wondered how much yoga you should do, whether you should practice with goats or puppies, or what your yoga pose IQ might be? We added 12 new yoga quizzes to our quiz bank in 2018 and plan to continue with plenty more in 2019. Below are our readers’ top three favorite yoga quizzes of the year.

Yoga Giveaways

Each month Yoga Basics teams up with a likeminded yoga-focused company to offer a giveaway. We give away a different prize each month! Below were the most popular contests of 2018.

Music For Your Practice

Amp up your practice with our handpicked selections of new yoga music! Every music roundup has a variety of tunes suitable for downward dog-ing, meditating, and everything in between. We always make sure to include a variety of moods and tempos, so whether you’re looking to turn up the heat or mellow out and restore, you’ll find what you’re looking for. While all of our music for yoga posts have been popular, below are the top three most shared and viewed.

Inspirational Videos

If you find that your practice has gone stale and your usual favorite poses have started to feel uninspired, our inspirational video posts are for you. Each month we deliver a collection of motivating, thought-provoking yoga videos to provide you with some fresh perspective to reinvigorate your practice.

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