Top Yoga Stories of 2013

Top Yoga Stories of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at some of the most memorable stories of the year. Just as William Broad and the Anusara debacle dominated headlines in 2012, it seems that Lululemon and the Encinitas school yoga program took much of our attention this year. We also highlight some of our other favorite topics. Enjoy a quick trip down memory lane with us!

1.) The controversy and legal battle over a yoga program in the Encinitas School District spanned most of the year and spurred an ongoing debate over religion in public schools and questions about whether yoga itself is inherently religious.
Yoga In School Stirs Ongoing Controversy
Trial Kicks Off Over Yoga In Public Schools
School Yoga Ruled Not Religious
Encinitas Expands Yoga Program

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2.) It seems Lululemon had quite a difficult year! From the see-through yoga pants fiasco to their questionable marketing decisions and the eventual fallout from offensive comments by founder and former CEO, Chip Wilson, the company seemed to stay in the headlines as their sales and stock prices took a beating. We followed the stories and offered some perspective of our own:
See-Through Yoga Pants? Check Yourself!
Lulu Totes Depict Needles and Smokes
Lululemon: Paragon of Modern Yoga?

3.) Bikram Choudhury always seems to have a hard time staying out of the news. This year it has been the allegations of sexual harassment, assault and discrimination that continue to surface.
Bikram Choudhury: The Guru Wears No Clothes

4.) Later in the year, a study was published that surely took another jewel from Bikram’s crown asserting that hot yoga isn’t any better for you than regular yoga in terms of burning calories.
Hot Yoga Doesn’t Boost Energy Burn

5.) As the new project Fifty Shades of Yoga surfaced, it generated quite a bit of interest and notoriety. For blogger Tosca Braun, it served as an intriguing impetus to examine deeper questions of paradoxes within modern yoga.
Fifty Shades Of Yoga: Body As Prison

6.) Kirtan is quickly becoming widely popular, and previously obscure names like Deva Premal and Krishna Das drew unprecedented crowds this year and even earned a Grammy nomination.
Kirtan Makes History…Again
Kirtan Ticket Prices Increasing With Popularity

7.) The yoga community has always had a hard time with the idea of patenting anything, and YogaGlo’s successful attempt to patent their particular style of filming yoga classes was no less palatable to many who followed the story.
YogaGlo’s Attempt To Enforce Pending Patent

8.) A perpetual source of angst for many in our culture is the relationship to body. We dug deep into the issue with the goal of understanding its complexities and offering some insight.
The Importance Of Befriending Your Body
Is Your Body Untrustworthy?
Does “Yoga Body” Contribute To Self-Objectification

9.) Any study touting evidenced-based benefits of yoga is reason for excitement. Two out this year were particularly notable:
Yoga Found To Stimulate Cognitive Function
Yoga Impacts Immunity-Related Gene Expression

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10.) The importance of community stands out as something from which we can all draw much needed strength and support. If you decide to set some intentions or resolutions for the New Year, consider finding or cultivating your own practice community.
The Importance Of Having a Practice Community

Wishing you health and happiness in the coming year!

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