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Why Some Yogis are Ditching the Skin-Tight Leggings

Published on March 28, 2017

For most people, the words “yoga pants” conjure an image of some sort of spandex-type leggings that cling to your body. Many yogis are expanding their wardrobes to include more than just the skin-tight leggings we all know (and may or may not love). The fashion community has embraced the baggy pants trend, and the yoga community is no exception. Baggy yoga pants are rising in popularity, but why? What sets baggy yoga pants apart from your traditional skin-tight leggings? Is this style worth all the hype? As a baggy yoga pant convert, I’m here to tell you why I adore this new trend and why I think you will too.

They are the epitome of comfort

Wearing yoga leggings as street pants took off when people realized how comfortable they could be and still look good. After all, who doesn’t want to walk around in pants that feel like pajamas? Baggy yoga pants take this to a new level. Companies like Hippie Pants boast the light, breezy feel of their baggy yoga pants, and they aren’t wrong. Walking around in a pair of these yoga pants is a bit like wearing a pillowcase (I won’t lie… I’ve worn my baggy yoga pants to bed before). And that’s before you even get to yoga class! Practicing yoga in these kind of pants takes some getting used to; baggy yoga pants billow a bit more than spandex leggings. But it is so worth it. The first time I practiced yoga in my baggy yoga pants I knew I was a convert. I felt so free to move in any and every direction.

They work for every body

Somedays I love my butt. Somedays I am thrilled to pull on my yoga leggings and show off my curves. Other days…not so much. I don’t always want to show off every curve and crease in my body, and on those days, I am glad to have a baggier alternative to my skin-tight leggings. My baggy yoga pants sit snuggly on my waist and hide everything else, allowing me to feel comfortable and confident in my body no matter my mood. Not every yogi feels comfortable strutting their stuff in spandex, and they shouldn’t have to. A big aspect of yoga is connecting to your body, but how can we connect to our bodies if we don’t feel comfortable in them? Baggy yoga pants fit every type of body with their unisex “one size fits all” approach and allow all yogis to feel good in their yoga clothes.

They are just plain fun

The first time I tried on a pair of baggy yoga pants, I did a little dance. The way they fluttered when I spun brought a smile to my face. The fit and feel of baggy yoga pants brought some much-needed playfulness and joy to my wardrobe. Since most companies selling these kinds of yoga pants embody that sense of playfulness, baggy yoga pants are available in as many patterns and colors you can imagine. Whether it’s the drop-crotch style of harem pants or the loose-fitting trousers known as Thai fisherman pants, this new trend in yoga fashion is one I can get on board with. I am by no means saying the days of the spandex leggings are over. I still have plenty pairs and love them dearly. But adding baggy yoga pants to my wardrobe was one of my better decisions. Every time I pull them on (as if I’ve ever taken them off…) I feel like a child pulling on her favorite dress. They help me embrace my playful side and help me feel comfortable and free in my body. Plus, they’re just so dang comfortable. So if you’re looking for another option for your yoga wardrobe, baggy yoga pants might be perfect for you.

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One response to “Why Some Yogis are Ditching the Skin-Tight Leggings”

  1. Tia Shieldss Avatar
    Tia Shieldss

    Interesting article about why some yogis are ditching the skin-tight leggings! I always thought that there was something wrong with wearing loose clothing to yoga, but it makes sense. It’s more comfortable, and it allows you to try out different positions without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

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