Yoga Gift Guide 2015

2015 Yoga Gift Guide

Are you racking your brain to figure out what to give your yoga obsessed friends for the holidays? Or are you a yogi in desperate need for some cool gifts to put on your wish list for Santa? The YogaBasics’s elves are here to save you with a list of 16 great gift ideas suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners. Check out our gift recommendations and feel free to share additional yogic gift ideas in the comments below!

Be Refreshed in Hot Yoga

For all the hot yoga (or hot curious) yogis on your list we have recommendations for the number one problem with this style of yoga practice: sweat.

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Lifefactory Glass Bottle—You will definitely want a good drink of water after yoga class and these glass bottles are not only trendy, they are also safe from plastic-leaching chemicals.
Nuun U Natural Hydration tablets—These are great to replace lost electrolytes after a sweaty yoga class. Just pop one of these sugar-free (sweetened with Stevia) tablets into your water bottle and fill! Bonus—helps with muscle cramps and helps relax muscles.
Yoga mat and hand towels—I create a puddle of sweat during a hot yoga class that turns into a slippery mess. A yoga mat towel soaks up moisture to prevent mat slippage. Hand towels are great for a quick wipe during your practice.
• Mat wipes—A clean mat is a sticky mat, and most importantly a nice smelling mat. These wipes make yoga mat cleaning easy and portable.
• Aurorae Slip Free Rosin—Applying this to your hands and feet before your practice increases your gripping power and absorbs perspiration. You can add more during your practice and put some on your mat for super slippery spots.

Sigh with Relief from Sore Muscles

We’ve all been there—after an intense yoga class we wake up and can barely walk. This list of products not only reduce muscle soreness, but many of these are great to use solely to promote relaxation.


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Bath salts—Spoil your favorite yogi with some fancy and therapeutic bath salts. Or if you are feeling crafty bath salts are easy to make at home!
Badger Sore Muscle Rub—This 100% organic formula is a relief for aching and overworked muscles. Bonus: with ginger, rose hips, rosemary, thyme, sage, cardamom and lemongrass, this smells great!
Herb Pharm Trauma Oil Compound—The sustainably wildcrafted herbs in this formula not only help relieve general aches and pains but also help with the healing of injuries.
Foam Rollers—These come in many different sizes, colors and designs but all have the same function: rolling across tight muscles and knots to reduce soreness and improve mobility, circulation and flexibility.
Massagers—Similar to the function of foam rollers these are smaller and usually designed for specific areas of the body (mostly back and feet). A wide selection of designs makes this a fun and unique gift and is certainly for not just for yogis.

Stay in Style with Funky Yoga Pants

Our brains naturally respond to things that are novel and humorous by increasing attention, motivation, participation and curiosity. One of the easiest ways to wake up your brain and lift your spirits is to put on a wild, crazy and fun pair of yoga pants!

• Harem pants—We’ve found two awesome sources for the funkiest yoga pants you can find! Bohemian Island’s pants are made in Thailand, have a wide waistband and feature beautiful Asian/Thai styled cotton prints. Buddha Pants pack into their own pocket, come in solid and wild tribal prints and have organic cotton options.
• Printed Yoga Pants—There are tons of options for wild prints on yoga bottoms, but we like the styles from Teeki and Onzie best.
• Compression Pants For Guys—Men often get left out of the fun and funky yoga apparel but we found these awesome printed compression pants from Under Armour. Pro tip: pair with some yoga shorts to make these more masculine and modest.

Chill Out with Tea Time

I love starting my morning and ending my day with a warm cup of yummy tea. While any type of tea makes a quick and simple gift, here are some recommendations that work best for yogis.

Get Active, Get Limber, and Get Restored teas—Check out this line of herbal teas from The Republic of Tea that are absolutely perfect for yogis!
White Winter, Pumpkin Spice, Tali’s Masala and Rooibos Chai—Wow! Four different takes on indian spiced tea at Art of Tea. Gifting tip: choose the the sample tin option and offer your yogi friend an attractive selection of teas.
Tea Forte KATI Tea Brewing System – The Lotus flower is a potent symbol in eastern spirituality and this ceramic tea cup with a built in lid and strainer is great for the yogi on the go.

We hope this list helps you stay calm and less stressed this holiday season. If you need more ideas, check out our gift list from last year.

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