Yoga Basics Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Yoga Basics Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Not sure what holiday gifts to give your yoga-obsessed friends and family? Or are you a yogi in desperate need for some gifts to put on your wish list for Santa? The YogaBasics elves are here to save you with a list of 10 great yoga gifts suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners. Check out our recommendations of yoga gifts and feel free to share additional yoga gifts in the comments below!

Buddhibox Subscription

You can’t go wrong when you gift this yoga subscription box filled with healthy food, supplements, beauty products, and yoga accessories. Every Buddhibox is curated with ethically sourced, cruelty-free products, and every month Buddhibox supports a different global charity. You can gift someone a subscription for one to six months, so this gift fits a wide range of budgets.

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Liforme Yoga Mat

If you’ve noticed your friend’s yoga mat is looking a bit worn, gift them a premium eco-friendly, PVC-free yoga mat made from naturally sourced sustainable rubber. Built with the AlignForMe System, the mat works as a navigational tool for an asana practice. These mats are wider and longer than the standard yoga mat and have good cushioning and a great grip. Bonus—yoga mat bag included!

Enjoy Leggings Subscription

If you have a hard time picking out yoga clothes for loved ones, consider gifting them a yoga leggings subscription box. For only $50, they will receive a pair of fun and fashionable leggings every month, for three months, shipped straight to their door. These affordable leggings aren’t see through, are super soft and have colorful patterns. A portion of all profits supports charities that help promote positive body image for girls and women.

Now Clock

The Now Clock is the perfect gift to remind your yogi friends to slow down and appreciate the present moment. On first glance, it’s a beautiful pendulum wall clock, but there are no hands in the center… just the word “NOW.” The pendulum slowly swings back and forth, a calming, relaxing reminder that the time is now. Choose from four laser-engraved pendulum designs or a traditional gold pendulum.


For the zen minimalist or wanderlust yogi in your life, grab them a set of YogaPaws. With YogaPaws, they can practice yoga anywhere. Wearing YogaPaws is like having a yoga mat on your hands and feet. They provide a unique way to give support, padding, and non-slip peace of mind on any surface. YogaPaws are so small they easily fit in a purse, pocket, or travel bag. The full set comes in five colors and two versions (Elite and SkinThin).

Elements Truffles – Ayurveda Inspired Chocolates

When it comes to chocolate, you usually can’t go wrong. These Ayurvedic superfood-infused truffles are a pretty safe bet for any type of yogi. Made from the purest ingredients from Fair Trade manufacturers, these truffles contain no dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten or GMOs. Plus, they’re sweetened with raw honey and handmade in small batches by meditators!

Rust Orange Baja Thunderbird Yoga Blanket

The Mexican yoga blanket is the most versatile prop for any yogi. Fold and stack several blankets to use instead of bolsters for restorative yoga or use one or more for a seated meditation practice. Because these extra thick Thunderbird style blankets are heavier and softer than the traditional falsa blankets at the local yoga studio, your yoga friend will be in bliss using this as a cover for Shavasana or a warm wrap during meditation.

Teardrop Bra by Montiel

You won’t go wrong gifting this affordable, well made, and flattering bra, especially if your yogi friend practices warm or hot vinyasa yoga. Designed and made in Los Angeles from a 90/10 Supplex-Lycra blend, this best-selling yoga bra comes in 12 colors. It provides medium support, comes with removable bra pads, and has a simple yet very stylish design.

Miss Muscle Fever by Tomboy Organic Skincare

This salve makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for the ones in your life who practice more challenging styles of yoga. Made with ethically harvested herbs and roots steeped in organic coconut oil, this botanical infusion quickly relieves body aches and soothes overworked muscles. It’s made in Tennessee with no synthetic preservatives, colorants, fillers or perfumes.

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White Mandala Harem Pants by Bohemian Island

Made in Thailand, these limited edition harem style yoga pants make a great gift for the yogi in your life who loves being super comfortable. Very versatile, these lightweight 100% cotton pants are perfect to wear in the yoga studio or anywhere around town. They come in two sizes (standard size fits most) and are suitable for both men and women.

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