Yoga Quiz: What Is Your Chakra IQ?

What Is Your Chakra IQ Quiz

If you’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for a while, you’ve probably learned a bit about the seven chakras. But how deep does your chakra knowledge really run? Do you know your Root Chakra from your Crown Chakra? Do you know which chakra is blue and which is red?

Test your chakra chops with this quiz and see whether you’re a true Chakra Genius. And don’t forget to share with your friends so they can test their chakra knowledge too!

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Which chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually?
What is the first chakra?
What is the Sanskrit name for the Heart Chakra?
What color is the Throat Chakra?
What does the Sacral Chakra relate to?
Where is the Third Eye Chakra located?
What is the third chakra?

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