Yoga Quiz: What Is Your New Year’s Intention?

Yoga Intention Quiz

It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. As you reflect on the past 12 months, are you happy with the way it went? If so, it might still feel great to reset and turn over a new leaf. Or perhaps you’re ready for a change but were waiting for a sign before making it happen. Well, we think New Year’s is as good a sign as any!

So whether your goal is to continue on your current path, welcome more love into your heart, or transform your attitude, this quiz is the perfect tool to help you clarify and find your intention for the new year.

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Your favorite kind of yoga class is:
For the New Year you hope to:
What kinds of holiday gifts do you like to give most?
When you're feeling blue, what perks you up?
Your friends would describe you as:
How do you usually spend New Year's Eve?
This year was:
On a Friday night, you are:

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