Yoga Quiz: What is your Primary Guna?

Yoga Quiz: What is your Primary Guna?

Published on
September 19, 2017

Through the yogic lens, all of life is made up of three essential qualities. These qualities are called the gunas, and according to Sankhya philosophy, they are the three characteristics in which prakriti, or cosmic matter, can manifest.

In Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar offers some simple explanations to describe the three gunas: rajas, tamas, and sattva. Rajas is the quality of activity and mobility that is responsible for movement, and having an excess of rajas can lead to willful stubbornness. Tamas is the quality of inertia and form and is associated with delusion, obscurity, and ignorance. Sattva is often considered a goal of one’s yoga practice and is the quality of clarity, tranquility, and truth-illumination.

While one guna may be more dominant within you than another guna, it’s important that we embrace all three gunas because they each have an essential role in our lives. In doing so, we can view the gunas as a complete and functional system, which, when utilized wisely, brings us into balance. Learn more about your primary guna by taking this quiz.

What colors are you most drawn towards?
When do you feel the most creative?
When something seems to go wrong, you…
What’s your diet?
You’re happiest about life when…
When you wake up you generally feel…
If someone else takes credit for your idea you…
What’s your yoga practice like?
How much sleep do you need to feel present and alert?
What’s a typical day look like for you?
If you feel under the weather, what steps do you take to get better?

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58 responses to “Yoga Quiz: What is your Primary Guna?”

  1. Danielle Lawrence Avatar
    Danielle Lawrence

    Great quiz really enjoyed it.

  2. Betty Fleming Avatar
    Betty Fleming

    Thank you!

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Thanks a lot

  4. Greg Dalton Avatar
    Greg Dalton

    Good quiz, however the suggestion to add more carbs & root veg is not going to happen. Too much sugar in carbs & root veg. My body reacts better to high fats (Good fats) & protein.

  5. ankita Avatar

    enjoyed the quiz :) looking forward

  6. satya Avatar

    This is very good quiz Iam interested in this

  7. Gurinder Avatar

    Interesting to learn about self

  8. Aman kumar Avatar
    Aman kumar

    Options should be more like usual life…

  9. lois Avatar

    interesting quiz

  10. Mary Norman Avatar
    Mary Norman

    Thanks for that!

  11. Anand Ramaswamy Avatar
    Anand Ramaswamy


  12. Grishma Avatar


  13. Shrami Avatar

    pleasure taking this test

  14. Sue Avatar

    Ok, fun test.

  15. Sheila krapf Avatar
    Sheila krapf

    Want to know the the result.

  16. Jyoti Avatar

    Good quiz

  17. Sukanya Avatar

    Thank you

  18. Praveen Avatar

    Nice quiz

  19. Alison Roy Avatar
    Alison Roy

    how do I access the results of this quiz?

    1. Timothy Burgin Avatar
      Timothy Burgin

      Just answer all the questions

  20. Abhishek Avatar


  21. Danita Kelley Brewster Avatar
    Danita Kelley Brewster

    thank you

  22. Gene Ann Dela Cruz Avatar
    Gene Ann Dela Cruz

    Id like to take the Guna quiz

  23. Marcus Avatar

    I’m interested in hearing your feed back

  24. Umurungi gahongayire Marie Aimee Avatar
    Umurungi gahongayire Marie Aimee

    Thank you

  25. Tanu Avatar

    Interested in getting feedback

  26. Usha Rajgopal Avatar
    Usha Rajgopal


  27. May Avatar

    I like this test

  28. Maggie Conover Avatar
    Maggie Conover

    This test is interesting and has the perfect amount of questions to get a quick anser to what my main guna is.

  29. Sofie Van Mele Avatar
    Sofie Van Mele


  30. Sattva Guna Avatar
    Sattva Guna

    Great test. It affirmed my Sattva guna state of mind. Thanks!!

  31. Shweta Tiwari Avatar
    Shweta Tiwari


  32. Holly Jonston Avatar
    Holly Jonston


  33. Sushil Avatar

    Great yoga quiz guys, thank you so much!

  34. Sanjiv Mehta Avatar
    Sanjiv Mehta

    Thank you

  35. Mayur kukreja Avatar
    Mayur kukreja


  36. GokuAkku Avatar

    Well the question was fine and thes question are in the daily basis of every human :-)

  37. Bandana Makal Avatar
    Bandana Makal

    Thank you

  38. Maria Avatar

    Its uplifting to have Sattva as my result.
    Its taken many, many years of committment and embracing practices to understand and notice when Im not ‘somatically wired’

  39. Nimisha Mirlekar Avatar
    Nimisha Mirlekar

    Very helpful to know about yuorself

  40. Ritu jain Avatar
    Ritu jain

    Nice test

  41. cathy Avatar

    Some answers were not quite accurate but I had to pick something to go to the next question

  42. MOHIT DAHIYA Avatar

    I will be thankful to you if you help me to know myself.

  43. Ashwin Avatar

    Some options are not appropriate and confusion. In some questions I could not find suitable answer.

  44. Stefan jon Evans Avatar
    Stefan jon Evans

    Thanks a lot

  45. Akshay Avatar

    Thanks alot

  46. Vaishali Avatar

    Liked the quiz

  47. Dr Shweta Sharma Avatar
    Dr Shweta Sharma

    Good quiz

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