Yoga Quiz: What Is Your Yoga Learning Style?

Your Yoga Learning Style Quiz

Have you ever noticed that you tend to absorb information better when it’s presented to you in a specific way? Maybe you can memorize a yoga flow after seeing someone else do it once, or perhaps you do better when you practice along with an audio tutorial. It doesn’t matter how you learn best—yoga is still for you! Take this quiz to find out your yoga learning style and get some tips for finding the kind of class that will suit you best.

On a Saturday night, you are:
The following is true for me:
Are you able to recite music lyrics verbatim?
You prefer new information to be presented by:
Can you memorize dance moves quickly?
When you're in a yoga class, you follow the instructor by:
After meeting someone you usually remember:
Do you like working with your hands and building things?

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