Yoga Quiz: Which Part of Your Body Should You Focus On?

yoga body part quiz

It’s not just a coincidence that we’re encouraged to set a Sankalpa for each practice—our yoga practice can feel much more productive when we have something to focus on. But we usually set an emotional or spiritual intention rather than a physical one. Can you think of a time you dedicated a yoga practice to working on strengthening or releasing a specific body part? If not, we’re here to encourage you to change that!

Many of us carry stress and tension in the upper body and anger and trauma in the lower body. Just by paying special attention to specific parts of our body we can release these negative emotions and past experiences and open ourselves up to positivity.

If you know your body needs nourishment but aren’t sure exactly where to focus, this quiz is for you.

What pose do you find most challenging?
Are you a runner?
How much time do you spend sitting down in a day?
How is your posture?
Which emotion is most bothersome for you?
Do you stand quite a bit during the day?
Why do you practice yoga?
What is your biggest stressor?
Can you touch your toes in a forward fold?
Where do you hold your emotions in your body?

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