Yoga Quiz: Which Yoga Festival Should You Journey to This Summer?

Photo by Hanuman Festival 

Festival season is upon us! Yoga festivals are a great way to enjoy the sunshine, connect with your fellow yogis, and deepen your practice in the beauty of the outdoors. Whether you decide to stay close to home or journey far away, want to take classes from famous yoga teachers from across the globe or local practitioners, or prefer to stay in a hotel or something more rustic, there’s a summer yoga festival out there that will suit you perfectly.

Take our fun quiz to see which summer yoga festival is right for you!

Once you’ve taken the quiz and gotten your answer, don’t forget to check out our yoga festival packing guide and make sure you’re totally prepared for all the fun.

It's lunch time. What are you craving?
How important is music to your festival experience?
What kinds of activities do you want to participate in at a festival?
Festivals can be overwhelming. What would help you recharge from a full day of festivities?
What kind of teachers are you looking for?
You're making your way to the vendor stalls. What do you hope to find there?
Where's your ideal yoga destination?
What's your relationship with the outdoors?
What do you hope to get out of your festival experience?

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