Yoga Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Yoga Date?

yoga quiz Ideal Yoga Date

You and your partner both love yoga. Maybe it’s even what brought the two of you together! Practicing by yourself is great—and necessary—but why not switch things up sometimes and practice together? Whether you make it a cozy yoga night in or travel far from home to a yoga retreat or festival, there are many ways to inject some togetherness into your yoga practice.

Take our quiz to find out which yoga date is the perfect fit for you and your love.

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When you roll out your mat, your goals are:
When you leave a yoga class, you want to feel:
On a Sunday morning you and your love are:
You and your partner love to:
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. What do you want to smell?
Your favorite yoga class is:
Your energy is low. How do you recharge?

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