YogaBasics Holiday Gift Guide ’14

Yoga gift guide 2014

Not sure what holiday gifts to give your yoga loving friends and family? The YogaBasics’s elves have created a list of some great gift ideas suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners. Check out our gift recommendations and feel free to share additional yogic gift ideas in the comments below!

• Yoga mat spray cleaner. Regular cleaning will not only make your yogi’s mat smell great, but will also keep it sticky and comfortable for practice. We recommend Manduka Mat Renew Yoga Mat Spray, but if you’re a crafty type, you can easily make your own.

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A yoga practice journal. With New Year’s resolutions around the corner, a yoga practice journal is a great way to support the yogi in your life to continue and deepen her practice. The Write Now Journals: Yoga and Manduka Practice Journal are designed specifically for yogis. You could also  consider a Moleskin or Leuchtturm notebook, both of which come with many size, color and page length options.

• Yoga music and yoga books. Everyone loves getting new books and CDs, especially yogis! In our humble opinions, the best mantra/chanting CDs of 2014 are: Mantras For Life, Antarayaami – Knower of All Hearts, and Sadhana. We also loved these wonderful yoga books released this year: Tending the Heart Fire and The Radiance Sutras. We also highly recommend our new yoga book for beginners, Yoga Class.

• Meditation tools. Yogis are known to seek peace and stillness in their lives, and the following items can support them in finding their zen. An aromatherapy diffuser will fill up their yoga practice space with calming scents, and a meditation cushion or bench will allow them to meditate with more ease. Mala beads (what yogis use instead of a rosary) make a wonderful personalized gift, and any meditation practitioner will love this brilliant timer.

Gift certificate.  If none of the above sound appealing, or if you just need a quick and easy gift, a gift certificate for a massage or class package at a local yoga studio is always appreciated by yogis.

We hope this list helps you stay calm and less stressed this holiday season. If you need more help finding peace and tranquility, check out these Yogic Secrets to Holiday Bliss.

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