YogaBasics Link Roundup – Yoga Journal and Body Image

YogaBasics link roundup

We’re back this week with another YogaBasics Link Roundup with links to some of the most popular and thought provoking stories and issues making yoga headlines this week.

It seems the latest issue of Yoga Journal is the straw that has finally broken the camel’s back. Long time yoga practitioners have sadly watched how this once humble yoga magazine has slowly but surely been dumbed down and corrupted by corporate management and high dollar advertising campaigns. This month, it seems the September issue has struck a “body image” nerve with it’s six-page “how to hide your flaws” yoga fashion spread and yet another celebrity yoga feature (Hilaria Baldwin photographed practicing dancer pose and handstand in four inch heels). Will enough yogis cancel their subscriptions over the latest issue for the editors at Yoga Journal to notice? Check out the links below for three different commentaries on this outrage:

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• Yoga Journal Has a Major Body Image Issue, and By Issue, I Mean Problem

• Why my butt-dimples just unsubscribed from Yoga Journal

• Really, Yoga Journal?

And related to the above, also check out these socially relevant and body-centric yoga posts:

• On Yoga’s ‘Race Problem’: Has The Practice Become Too White? – A well written, balanced and informative article from Forbes magazine that tackles this thorny question.

• How Yoga Helped Me With Disordered Eating And Body Image – This is a short and sweet testimonial on the power of yoga to make one whole.  “At first I fell in love with the physical asana of yoga, how it challenged my body in a way that would help me to reach my ‘ideal body.’ As disordered eating defined me for such a long time, my life revolved around patterns, rules, and my agenda. What I eventually began to learn and appreciate were the openings I experienced, not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

• Listen to Your Emotional Body – Learn how to use Buddhist mindfulness meditation practices to locate, feel and communicate with your emotional body.

• 5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Fall in Love with Your Body – If you can relate to “When I first started doing yoga, I really didn’t like my body very much. I rarely had any positive thoughts about it. Mostly when I thought about my body I felt frustrated, or ashamed” then check out these great tips for transforming negative self talk and promoting a positive body image.

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• The Weirdest Places Hilaria Baldwin Has Ever Done Yoga – I don’t think these are super weird, but many are amusing, and they do give you an interesting glimpse of the life of a celebrity yoga teacher.

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