YogaBasics Link Roundup

YogaBasics Link Roundup

We’re excited to introduce this this new series of posts! The YogaBasics Link Roundup contains links to some of our favorite articles we’ve found on the web about yoga and related topics in recent weeks.  The links range from thought provoking commentaries to yoga and health tips, and we will often throw in a few silly things at the end of the list, just for fun. Here is our recommended reading list for the weekend:

Bacon, coffee and wine: my life as a yoga heretic – “Before you call for 20 lashes with a wet yoga strap, allow me to provide some insight into my journey. How it came to be, and how my mat and my wine glass have learned to happily co-exist.”

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How Many of Us Are Injured By Chasing a Fading Pleasure? – Here is the latest installment of Mathew Remski’s great “what are we doing in yoga” series on yoga and injury. I highly recommend reading the entire series if you can!

Six Keys to Staying Centered in a Vigorous Yoga Class – “Try these strategies, and you might find you enjoy your vigorous practice even more as you get inspired by others, celebrate the simplicity of moving fluidly with the breath, and receive the benefits of sweating and detoxifying. A vigorous practice can be a wonderful sandbox of exploration for learning and creativity, as you hone mindfulness, build endurance, and enhance your inner vitality.”

Yoga in India vs. Yoga in America – A fascinating and well-written article comparing two very different yoga cultures, written by a native of India and recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest.

Seven Tips for Practicing Vinyasa with Safety and Ease – This article is packed full of great tips and advice, such as: “Generally speaking, if you’re taking a class labeled “vinyasa,”  you can expect the chaturangas to be plentiful. This can prove especially challenging because, to be frank, chaturanga is hard, especially when you’re in the middle of what feels like your 108th pushup of the day, and most especially if you’re not sure about the alignment.”

5 Reasons Early Morning Yoga Practices Rock – Will this list give you the motivation you need to wake up early and get your yoga on?

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R2-D2 Yoga Pants – Finally some clothes for geeky women to sport to the local yoga studio! (And yes, you have to see these to believe it.)

Pets Interrupting Yoga – Who hasn’t had this happen to them?

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