The Best Yogic Recipes for October 2019

Best Yogic Recipes for October 2019

Autumn is a big shift in the energy of the outside world as well as a crucial shift to the body’s internal energy. The changes in the weather and the energy of the year has shifted to Vata season. Vata is the Ayurvedic dosha (bio-elemental energy) that contains the properties of the elements ether and air and governs movement in the body, mind, and heart. The Ayurvedic qualities of Vata season are cool, dry, light, windy, and unpredictable. To balance this dosha’s energetic effects, work on adding the qualities of warmth, nourishment, stability, and groundedness to your October diet. Add warm, hearty and nourishing foods that are high in protein and fat and focus on eating more foods with the sweet, sour, and salty tastes.

We’ve collected ten terrific vegetarian recipes that are best suited for adopting Ayurvedic principles in your diet for October. These tasty and healthy yogic recipes incorporate seasonal veggies like winter squash, brussels sprouts, carrots, swiss chard, and cauliflower.

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10 Yogic Recipes to balance Vata season

yogic recipe Pumpkin Shakshuka With Feta and Pepitas—This recipe can double as a delicious breakfast or you can pair it with a side salad and some crusty bread for lunch or dinner. You can use canned pumpkin to speed up the preparation time and make it vegan by swapping the milk for vegetable broth. You can use different herbs like parsley and chives for the topping and you can also replace the cheese with yogurt.

yogic recipe Creamy Lemon Orzo With Chickpeas & Broccoli—This super easy one-pot recipe is a hearty and nourishing meal that adds warmth and groundedness to the autumn season. The combination of lemon, garlic, and parsley creates a lovely flavor that complements the base of cashew cream and orzo pasta.


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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apricots, Almonds, Raisins, Almonds and Oranges—Celebrate Autumn’s harvest with this amazing sweet and savory side dish of Brussels Sprouts, dried fruits and nuts.

yogic recipe Vegan Quinoa Casserole—This vegan and gluten-free casserole is easy to make with just a few needed ingredients.
The combination of broccoli (or other seasonal veggies), cashew cream, nutritional yeast, and quinoa creates a nutritious, hearty and delicious high protein meal.

yogic recipe Rainbow Chard & Feta Cheese Börek—Böreks are tasty Turkish hand-pies that are crunchy on the outside and stuffed with swiss chard and feta cheese. You can replace the phyllo dough with rice paper to make them gluten-free.

yogic recipe Smoky and Creamy White Beans With Greens—This comforting and hearty recipe uses lightly mashed navy beans as a creamy thick base that is flavored with onions, thyme, and garlic. Chopped mixed greens add a lovely nutritious contrast to this autumn meal.

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yogic recipe Cauliflower Fritters With Herb-Sunflower Spread—These yummy fritters are made with cauliflower, rolled oats and crumbled feta and accompanied with a sunflower cream. The author suggests topping with a few microgreens or served with a salad, roasted vegetables or marinated beans.

yogic recipe Butternut Squash Soup—This easy Butternut Squash soup recipe has a slight South Asian taste with the use of coconut milk and ginger. This grounding vegan and gluten-free soup can be served as a side or a main meal.

yogic recipe Coconut Curry Carrot Soup—This quick and silky smooth carrot soup will warm and nourish you with its use of coconut milk, curry, garlic, and ginger. The soup is topped with a lovely blend of pepitas, cilantro, lemon zest, and olive oil.

yogic recipe Butternut Squash & Sage Cornbread—This vegan gluten-free cornbread would make an awesome compliment to a fall soup, chili or stew. I’d probably cheat and try and substitute a can of pumpkin instead of prepping the squash.

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