Yoga + Orgasm = Yogasm

Women orgasming in yoga class; amidst recent headlines of bong-, wine-, and chocolate-toking yogis, to say nothing of the commonly-touted sexual benefits of westernized Tantra yoga, this may inspire yawns among the desensitized. Yet the spin of a recent ditty is worth noting, if for its rather unorthodox anecdote. A NYC woman breathing and employing root lock in lotus position “wasn’t prepared for what happened after her [toned, tattooed, sexy] instructor pressed his body against her back and synchronized his breath with hers, lifting her ribs as she inhaled, and pushing down on her thighs as she exhaled.” The result:  a “tingling all over” yogasm (yoga orgasm).

Yogasm-contributing yoga instructor, Mark Rojas, has “near guru status” with his students, and comments:  “I have found that my faithful students have improved their ability to love themselves and ultimately, to give themselves pleasure.”

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Nothing about this scenario is news; tantric spiritual gurus and teachers from India and beyond have long employed yoga and ritualistic practices to exalt orgasmic potential beyond mere physiological arousal to enlightenment, with some male teachers happily facilitating the process in female devotees to greater or lesser degrees.

Hunky yoga teacher aside, on the physical plane the “yogasm” can be explained by drawing up the muscles of the perineum (mula bhanda) and/or various postures which stimulate the pelvic region.  Indeed, yoga has been integrated with mindfulness by one psychologist researcher to treat women with low sexual desire; Lori Brotter shares that in one yoga class, “straining muscles and racing heart were affirmations of my sexual vigor, my sexual arousability.”

In metaphysical terms, activation of mula bandha is understood to foster the rise of kundalini shakti, the snake coiled at the base of the spine which, when awakened, ascends from the spine to the crown to unite with shiva, shakti’s energetic opposite (ultimately they’re one and the same) in blissful union, bestowing divine wisdom of which orgasmic-like pleasure is but one peripheral dimension. Full kundalini awakening is said to include visions or sounds; intense heat; spontaneous mudras, pranayama, asanas, and bandhas; and full-body, non-localized sensations of intense bliss which may be easily conflated with “orgasm.”

While enhanced orgasm is thus an ancillary benefit of applying mula bhanda, the bliss resulting from the union of shiva and shakti qualitatively dwarfs the localized and transitory nature of a standard orgasm, linked though it has been through the centuries with union in its own right. 

In the end, an orgasm in yoga class may be just that—an orgasm, fostered by psychophysiological arousal prompted by a just-right assist, yoga asana, and/or application of mula bandha. According to some yoga traditions, it may also signify the tremors of kundalini awakening.

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