Yogic Transformation Put to the Test

If you have ever met a dyed in the wool, dedicated yoga practitioner, chances are they truly believe that the path and practice of yoga has the potential to transform everybody. In the yoga circles of which I am a part, I often hear the phrase, “yoga can change the world.” A pretty bold statement, most would say, but for those of us who believe it, one would be hard pressed to convince us otherwise. In the new movie Enlighten Up, filmmaker Kate Churchill puts this theory to the test.

She believes so strongly that yoga can transform anybody that she finds a willing but skeptical participant, Nick Rosen, and embarks on a journey of exploration and transformation across the globe. From Hawaiian yogi, Norman Allen to Patthabi Jois, the movie features well-known teachers, lesser-known gurus, and a variety of yogis with varying degrees of experience. Rosen and Churchill sought to encounter authentic expressions of yoga through a multitude of avenues, all the while experiencing the conflicts of uncovering the Self not only for the participant but for the filmmaker as well.

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The documentary is on a limited run in festivals and a handful of theaters. Keep your eyes open to catch it in your area, and find out whether the theory proved true.

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