Maha Moha the Great Delusion

Yoga MusicFunky, upbeat and fun, this chanting CD is a fusion of rock/pop grooves with world instruments and ancient mantras. The most impressive element of this recording is Morissette’s blending of the sanskrit mantras with his English lyrics. This technique can easily come off as cheesy and distracting, yet Morissette’s English translated lyrics give the compositions additional depth, appeal and meaning.The album is well produced with many vocal layers and a sweet blend of instruments from both East and West: tabla, bass, sitar, saxophone, bansuri flute, guitar (acoustic and electric), harmonium, side guitar, sarod, percussion and keyboards. As a yoga teacher, Morissette seems to have arranged the tracks to work with the natural flow of a yoga class, starting with a medium tempo, building slowly in tempo in the middle and then ending with slower and more ambient tracks. This CD is highly recommended if you are a kirtan fan looking for some spice in your mantras or a yoga practitioner looking for a groovy soundtrack for your asanas.

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Listen to “Burn It In The Fire” below:

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