Antarayaami – Knower of All Hearts by Nina Rao

Antarayaami – Knower of All Hearts

Nina Rao started singing Sanskrit bhajans when she was 9 years old, learning from her grandfather in India. in 1996 she rediscovered chanting with Krishna Das in New York and now assists and performs with him on a full-time basis. On Nina’s debut 2-disc CD you can hear both of these influences in the blend of Eastern and Western musical styles, as well as Krishna Das’s voice on one track, and a 1970’s recording of a kirtan led by Nina’s grandfather on another. Nina’s sweet yet powerful voice is filled with devotion, yearning and joy. These twelve tracks, recorded with a beautiful chorus and a live kirtan feel, easily transport me into a state of bliss. If you are a fan of Krishna Das’s music or kirtan in general, you will love Antarayaami – Knower of All Hearts by Nina Rao.

From the artist:

‘Antarayaami Knower of All Hearts’ by Nina Rao offers the practice of chanting born from her South Indian roots and influenced by her many years of chanting in the USA. This 12-track double-CD of call-and-response kirtan and Hanuman Chalisa melodies including a duet with Grammy-nominated new age artist, Krishna Das, blends the sacred sounds of traditional eastern tabla, dholak, harmonium, kartals, bansuri flute, esraj, and sarod with Western electric bass, violin, guitar and banjo, and soulful vocals. This album draws from the rich heritage of devotional music and chanting style from India and is still rendered accessible for all to sing along with.

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