The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2019 Edition

music for yoga

The first month of summer often creates a shift into experiencing more feelings of magic, delight, and wonder. Many of the albums we have chosen for this month’s best yoga music list have joyful and playful elements to them and express the worry-free attitude of summertime. We hope this month’s collection of music encourages you to relax into the warm summer days and find playfulness and adventure both on and off your yoga mat.

Ouka by Daigo Hanada

music for yoga cdThese calming and soothing solo piano compositions have a joyous and light-hearted feel to them. Any of these seven tracks would work great played during the slow and introspective parts of a yoga practice.

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Architect by Blue Dot Sessions

best music for yogaWhile these acoustic tracks are produced specifically for film and media, they defiantly work great as a soundtrack for yoga. This album of 16 tracks has minimal percussion and has a clear plucked string sound of bass and violin.

Saturday Morning in Boston by Derek Gripper and Mike Block

yoga music albumHaunting, beautiful, dramatic, and evocative—these compositions of classical guitar and violin were inspired by the songs of several African singers. Any of these nine tracks would be best placed in a yoga playlist to emphasize transitions from slow to fast or fast to slow tempos.

Opunga by Sibu

fun yoga music albumPlay any of these ten electro-tribal tracks to rock our your vinyasa. A staccato of strong beats drives the tempo while exotic melodies played on flutes and strings subtly weave through each composition. Play these fun, upbeat songs at the climax of your yoga flow or add them to your dance party playlist.

New Home by Tatsuya Maruyama

guitar yoga musicThese uplifting and expressive acoustic solo guitar compositions will infuse your yoga practice with sweetness, joy, and playfulness. All ten tracks have a mellow yet engaging tempo that would support a gently flowing yoga sequence, or just play this album anytime you need a little boost to your mood.

Rowan Hudson’s Passing Ships by Rowan Hudson’s Passing Ships

great yoga music albumThis spacious and downbeat jazz album has a powerful cinematic feel, best suited to be played at the end of a yoga music playlist. Joyful yet evocative, these six compositions of cello, clarinet, piano, bass, and drums are great for inspiring playfulness and lightheartedness in your practice.

City of Lakes by Seamus O’Muineachain

yoga music albumThese beautiful, elaborate, yet introspective neoclassical-ambient instrumental compositions work great played during a gentle yoga practice. Intricate layers of acoustic guitar, piano, electric bass, synth, percussion slowly intertwine to create a calming and soothing soundtrack for any healing modality.


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Best Music for Yoga

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