Nanda Devi by Hans Christian

Nanda Devi CD

Hans Christian’s latest CD, Nanda Devi, honors the tall sacred mountains of northern India. These nine compositions contain a richly layered tapestry of mystical and enchanting sounds. Listening to this instrumental CD transports me to an ethereally realm of white-capped Tibetan mountains with yogis meditating inside incense filled caves.

Christian’s primary instrument is the cello, but he also plays an amazing range of instruments on this recording: Indian sitara (small sitar), Indian sarangi, Swedish nyckelharpa (key fiddle), Indian dhilruba (bowed sitar), Indian swaramandala (autoharp), medieval psaltery (bowed small harp), lapsteel guitar, electric guitar, fretless bass, keyboards, bamboo flute, udu, tampura, frame drums and Tibetan singing bowls. I’m impressed at how seamless the Western instruments are woven into these Eastern sounding compositions, and how subtly some of these instruments are used.

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This 62-minute recording makes a perfect soundtrack for a slow moving or gentle yoga practice, but it is also wonderful to play during moments of contemplation, introspection and relaxation.

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