The Mantra Project, Vol. One: Daughter of the Mountain

The Mantra Project, Vol. One: Daughter of the Mountain

Published on March 13, 2014

Yoga, meditation and chanting teacher Suzin Green’s fourth album is intricate, ethereal and delightful. I’m excited that Daughter of the Mountain is the first volume in her Mantra Project series, as I look forward to hearing more of these exquisite recordings.

Green has an impressive ability to use traditional and complex mantras while presenting them in an accessible and enjoyable format. Striking a balance between Eastern and Western musical traditions is not an easy feat, but this has been perfectly achieved on this recording. These five tracks, with an average length of 11 minutes, have a complex layered sound, beautiful arrangements, and engaging beats. They achieved this magnificent sound using only voice, harmonium, tabla, percussion (drum kit and cartals), and electric guitar.

From the CD’s liner notes:

Daughter of the Mountain is one of many names for the goddess Parvati, beloved of Lord Shiva. Together, they represent the power of transformation, inner stillness, and supreme love. When Shiva drinks poison in order to save the world, Parvati takes him in her lap and sings him back to life. Her song is the force, the shakti, within mantra. We hope this music, infused with Parvati’s grace, brings healing and transformation to everyone it touches… and everyone they touch… and everyone they touch… multiplying in endless circles of luminosity, wisdom, and love.

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