The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier

The Chakra Bible by Patricia MercierThis delightful book on body’s chakra energy centers is well designed and illustrated with beautiful color photographs, charts and drawings.  The bulk of the book is straightforward, going through the seven main chakras with a chapter devoted to each one.  Each chakra is described with its mental, emotional, spiritual and physical actions and functions.  The colors, deities, crystals, mantras, yantras, yoga poses, sounds and herbs that effect and activate the chakra are also explained.
The book is designed to make it super easy to jump to a specific chakra
section by the color coded pages and by having the name of the chakra
written on the side of each page with a corresponding highlighted
chakra symbol. There is an interesting overview of the chakras in the
first chapter, and the three chapters at the end of the book describe
newly discovered chakras, chakras from other traditions, and how to
practice energy healing.  This is a very accessible and easy to use
book with a good amount of information on understanding and using the
chakras for healing and well-being.

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